Sunday, 7 March 2010

Are You Blameless?

Are You Blameless?

No one succeeds with attitudes like these.

I dont want to make the decisions.

I dont want to make waves.

I dont want to get in trouble!

To succeed, you must be willing to stir things up!Cause or EffectYou are either at Cause over things or you are at the Effect of things.

For example, if a computer problem confuses you, you are at the Effect of the computer problem. As soon as you solve the problem, you are at Cause.

If you want to be wealthy, and your income is increasing, you are at Cause. If your income is stuck or decreasing, you are at Effect.

If you make steady progress toward your goals, you are at Cause. If you are stuck in a rut, you are at Effect.

If you do not care if someone blames you, you are at Cause. If you worry about being blamed, you are at Effect."You should not minimize* yourself as CAUSE.

It is your greatest ability."Being blamed sometimes blunts* being CAUSE. But if ones total ambition is to be blameless, the best situation is to get ones name on a tombstone. And its no fun being dead." -- L. Ron Hubbard (*Minimize = lessen, reduce. *Blunts = weaken, make less effective)

Who Blames You?

If someone blames you for a mistake or a problem, you might decide to be at Effect and try to hide. You want to keep out of trouble. You blunt yourself as Cause.

For example, a shoe sales clerk named Amran had an upset customer. He wanted a refund for a pair of shoes that did not fit, but the shoes had scuff marks on them. So despite store policy, he gave a refund to the customer. He decided it was the right thing to do.

When TG Adnan the boss saw the shoes, he said, You idiot! You know its against store policy to pay refunds for worn shoes! Im taking the refund out of your check.

Amran decides, Im never making a decision again! He blunts himself. He stops being at Cause and becomes a clerk who never makes decisions.

The next day, another customer asks for a refund for his slightly-worn shoes. Amran says, Im sorry sir, but store policy wont allow me to give you a refund.

See here? The bottoms of the shoes are scratched up.The customer says, But they dont fit! I cant wear them! Here, give them to the homeless. He starts to walk away.

Amran decides the store policy is wrong and he's not going to be Effect. He says, Sir, wait. Never mind. Im giving you a refund. He feels good. He is at Cause.

Amran then walks up to his boss and says, I gave another refund. Its the right thing to do. Go ahead and take it out of my pay.

His boss is flabbergasted! He says, I will! But then he thinks it over.
The next day the boss finds Amran and says, You know, I thought it over and I think youre right. We should give refunds for shoes that dont fit. After all, were supposed to help them find their correct sizes. I'll talk to the General Manager about changing this policy.

1. List the things you would do if you had no fear of blame.

2. Take the easiest item on the list and rise to Cause. Do it, say it, stand up and take the action!

3. Do the next easiest item on your list and so on.Soon, you will find its okay to take risks and, when necessary, accept the blame.

If you do not worry about being blamed, you do not blunt yourself.
You are at Cause!

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