Saturday, 2 October 2010


What other people said about Halal Haram Monies
'Azhar Ibrahim and his team should return all monies they got from the government since it may have also come from 'dubious' sources.'

Senior citizens return 'haram' RM100 cash awards:

GH Kok: Penang Umno state opposition leader Azhar Ibrahim's story is so unbelievable that I cannot imagine how he can come up with it. This is sandiwara at its peak - totally unbelievable. Please double check the people who purportedly 'returned the money'.

One Malaysian: Umno, please stop talking about halal and haram as you guys are not fit to speak about them. If you are all true God-fearing Muslims, then come out and openly admit that the BN government in Perak is haram as the three 'frogs' allegedly accepted bribes and betrayed the trust of the voters.

In Penang, most Malaysians believe that the money given out is halal as the Penang Pakatan Rakyat government has proven to us that they are wiping out corruption.

Anonymous: Azhar Ibrahim and his team should return all the monies they have received from the government since the monies they have received may have also come from dubious sources since the Treasury received monies from pork sellers, from gaming companies, beer sellers and many other businesses that are not halal.

Amir Efendy: I think all these 40 senior citizens were given RM150 by Umno in order to return the RM100 to the Penang government. Based on the photo I saw in Berita Harian, it seems that the event was being stage managed for the press.

YF: Why only so few Malays returning the RM100? I though Umno represented the majority of the Malays? So it looks like Pakatan has made Umno a minority party as more Malays are now supporting Pakatan.

Good job Azhar, you made a mess of Umno with your haram trick. The Malays today are fed up of with the rasuah and haram antics of Umno.

A Kamal: I think there is a theory traced to the Hanafi school where once the state confiscates an 'X' amount of money, amount 'X' becomes halal by act of state. Once gambling money is received by state as taxes, etc, it becomes halal for redistribution.

Well...the public need the answers. They need the answers for the simple reason is that TV and other media has established the issues nationwide.
If not UMNO will be shot dead..."DEAD MAN TELLS NO LIES".

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