Sunday, 15 November 2009

Freedom; Lost And Found

Understand yourself and you will understand the universe!!

When you look around and try to understand freedom, it’s like a never finding answer to some never-ending questions.

Freedom is like washing your teeth. You need it, you deserve it, you enjoy the consequences of it, you smell it and have to do it, only because you have been taught to practice it every day.

Imagine waking up in the morning and being banned to enter into the bathroom and use your toothpaste. first time, definitely you are annoyed. Second time you get more annoyed and you start to react. Third time you look for somebody to put the blame on. Then you get used to it. It is just another freedom that you have been forbidden to have. and then…you are not free anymore.

Another part would be related to yourself. How many things you can say about you? your passions, your desires, your hobbies…what do you want over the next five years. The definition of “you” is practically the most difficult definitions I ever experienced, probably because in this case, you can look at your neighbor, at your friends, but it’s not about them. It’s about you.

Notwithstanding the difficulty of doing it, you can define yourself as intelligent as you want, as severe, as charismatic or as brave as you want yourself to be like. It’s not always about forecasting your future. It can be about motivating yourself to a change and that’s because you have the freedom to do it.

I have always asked myself why a man loves himself more than anything in this world, but puts more importance on the opinions of others? On the other hand, we cannot define ourselves; we must let this job in the hands of others. What we can do is to understand ourselves, “understand yourself and you will understand the universe”.


  1. Seorang pencari tidak akan ketemu cariannya selagi ia sekadar mencari apa yang dapat dikesan oleh deria yang lima.

    "..... Kenali diri mu baru akan kamu kenali Tuhan mu. ...." seperti dalam syair Hamzah Fangsuri itu mempunyai maksud jauh lebih mendalam.

    Alam ini tidak lebih dari sekadar kitab yang menyimpan rahsia dari Ilmullah. Maka mengenal diri dalam lapis lapis alam itu adalah satu permulaan untuk merasai kehadhiran cahaya dari Nur Yang Mulia terpancar dari kilau Ilmullah.

    Dalam budaya Melayu manusia itu dipandang sebagai alam kecil. Semista alam ini adalah alam besar. Alam besar itu terlalu luar untuk dikaji sebagai satu permulaan.

    Maka kajilah terlebih dahulu alam kecil ini. Namun fahamilah rahsia rahsianya serta hubungkait dengan alam jagat maya yang semister dan luas itu.

    Carilah jelma makna yang membendung makna yang berulang lapis dari kedua dua nya.

    Inshaallah. Kita akan mula mengetuk ngetuk pintu pintu rahsia yang menakjubkan.

  2. Saya setuju dgn Che Leh Jangok