Saturday, 23 May 2009

Call A Spade, a Spade

Augustine was the first to analyze the lie from a philosophical and theological angle. He pointed out that God gave language to humanity not for deceiving each other, but for sharing one's thoughts. He saw words of language as an expression of the spirit, and it is against their nature to serve the lie. Language is meant to lay thoughts open, not to conceal them.

So, speak your mind . Call a spade, a spade. Abhor and have zero tolerance to personal judgements.

A Guideline to PRU 13

Daily we watch our government do things which
then have dramatic effects on our lives. Does it
feel like we have government of the people, by
the people, and for the people? Does it feel like
our government is making wise decisions? Are
we happy with the way our government works?
Do we have any choice in the matter?

From scholars to students, from leaders to peasants and on top of all we fellow citizens please do not hesitate to make appropriate choice when the time comes. Tell them we are no more ‘a bloody fool’.

The majority are non-partisan thus not glued to any political rhetoric doctrinarian.

So it is time for the majority to free the heart, mind and voice of We, the People into its innate power to generate wisdom for the good of all.
Doing this would make all the difference in the Malaysia

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