Friday, 15 May 2009

Happy Birthday UMNO

1. The UMNO leadership elections do not bring any change to the party. There are only changes of faces, nothing more. The disciplinary board has gone to sleep again. Corruption cases have been swept under the carpet. As I said in my earlier entry, these ills of our society(UMNO) are manifestations of self-interest, self-centeredness and self-absorption. They are manifestation to the existing culture of bluntness in upholding what is right and fighting what is wrong. They are embodiments of the disintegrating moral fabric of our society.

2. Those currently benefiting from the status quo would vigorously resist attempts at change. The promised gains from any change will remain just that, a promise. The current leadership of UMNO is in no hurry to change the rules as they are clearly benefiting from the system. Besides, their mindset is already fixed; there is nothing wrong with UMNO.

3.UMNO lost significant power in this last election but the magnitude of that loss has not registered on the member and leaders. To its leaders they are lack of a sense of urgency. To them, the last election was an aberration, not a portentous defeat.

4. Money politics, corruption at all levels, and continued factionalisms with various “warlords” exerting their controls are all signs of an organization unable to correct itself and incapable of self-renewal.

5.UMNO is being held hostage by these leaders or so corrupt cadres who do not seem to know what else they can do with their country. We feel sorry for them for delusion in thinking that they are still good for the country. In facts, they are useless and some of us who supported them are useless.

6. Before the whole system would, break down and everyone would be the loser. UMNO needs someone of highly intellectual impact with holistic visions to lead not only UMNO but our nation too.

7. Relying on the current rhetoric leaders means Malays and Bumiputras are digging their own grave.


  1. Dear Encik Nik Amir,

    I am Chinese and it is so easy for us Chinese and I guess many non-Malays to very quickly lump all Malays into one category: UMNO and all the evil manifestations of the pary. Therefore your posting is very much a breadth of fresh air and very necessery to remind all of us non-Malays Malaysians that NOT ALL MALAYS = UMNO. To be fair I am very sure there are many Malays in UMNO that are good and honest but they may be unable to voice out their feelings for whatever reasons.

    Many Malaysians of all races will tell of the fact that on a social level they have genuine love and care for each other. My best neighbour in a neighbourhood of all races was a Malay family. My family was the only Chinese invited to their lovely daughter's wedding ceremony of giving out the egg in a floral arrangement. My martial arts instructor is a Malay and I give him the due respect as a teacher and as my 'sifu' as in the culture of Chinese martial arts.

    Therefore, all the anger, suspicion and whatever animosity the various races of Malaysia have of each other today can safely be said to have been caused by UMNO's divisive policies, corrupt leaders and so-called peoples' representatives and greed for power and to stay in power.

    I apologise for going on and on, but the crux of what I want to say in my response to your post is that underlying all the nonsense that is happening in Malaysia there exists Malaysians of all races that would go out of their way to help each other to succeed and prosper. We can only pray that Almighty GOD is seeing all that is happening and in his own time will one day correct all that is wrong with Malaysia. Meanwhile I wish you and your family good health and may many more Malaysians like you start a ripple that will eventually turn into a sunami of equality, justice and fairplay for all Malaysians....Salam !!!

  2. Getreal,

    The truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it.