Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Beauty Of Wang Malaysia


If the ruling party leaders cannot even appoint a decent MP, can we trust them to administer the country?

This reflexs misconduct has been so common among them. Thus they no longer see it as a factor in a candidate’s suitability?

Not abusing my rights to writes I dare to say,misconduct is a common practice by most UMNO leaders . It is so common that one needs not to be ashamed of or to be afraid of if one had been accused of practising corruption.

The shameful part of this sad and unfortunate event is that, the leaders or whoever who come to his defense and even praise Isa Samad as the right choice for Bagan Pinang are a bunch of hopeless beasts.They are liars!!

Pitty for those who forever tirelessly and continually supports UMNO; they have been treated like buffaloes by this bunch of crooks.


It is for the race?. Is it for the nation?. and worst it is for Allah?.

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