Sunday, 11 October 2009

I Still Say 'No" To Isa Samad

"To err is human.We all make mistakes.Some, make mortal mistakes and pay heavily for their crimes.Should a man be condemned all his life for crime which he has served his punishment?"


It depends. If you are just a layman its ok. BUT if you are a politician worst still if you are a leader who makes decision for the nation's future, definately I would like to say “No Sorry”.

A Lesson From America
Many thought Ted Kennedy destined for the highest office, but his White House hopes were dashed after his name was tainted by scandal, drinking problems and a messy divorce.
In 1969, he drove off a bridge at Chappaquiddick in Massachusetts, killing a female companion -- Mary Jo Kopechne -- and leaving the scene of the accident.

The scandal doused his presidential hopes and he subsequently lost the Democratic party nomination to incumbent Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election.


  1. Sikap..
    Tiada prinsip..
    Jelas terang lagi bersuluh..
    Masih dipilih..
    Seolah-olah tak de ke bende hal..
    Rasuah tu macam terlajak 'gostan' saja..
    Boleh 'gohead' dan drive terus...
    Moga pisang tak berbuah 2/3 kali lagi..

  2. Teman blogggers, sila buangkan gambar dan simbol yang berbunyi "POLITK WANG, MARUAH AGAMA,BANGSA TERGADAI"


  3. yang lepas jangan dikenang.. buka buku baru .. sudah pasti isa akan berjuang utk rakyat ..

    "moga pisang berbuah 2/3 kali lagi.."

    itulah kamu, berdoa yg tak baik utk orang lain.. sepanjang hidup tidak akan berkat. saya bukan tuhan.. tapi jgn kamu menjadi seperti nik najis