Saturday, 31 October 2009

Who Are You?

Politics have created a new breed of creatures… the living dead (human who no longer have any moral, honesty, integrity and possibly faith in any religion). What happens at Perak DarulRidhuan is a fine example of a group of beasts trying to destroy each other for the good of their group. Absolutely not for RAKYAT

I call to each and everyone viewers to do good deeds. Come together let us fight against evil camouflages as YB both in BN and PR. Otherwise just keep quiet, sucked your thumb, and witness the venoms spreading our nation and collapse before your eyes.

To my friends, foes, and bloggers (leave goblok aside) whom does this venom not affect YET

Stand together!! Free this beautiful country from those evils so that we no longer have to contend with his hideous creatures.

1. Know the universe is on your side.

The truth is that the universe acts a bit like a huge computer in the way that if you program negative things, negative things come out. However, if you put positive things in, you get positive things back. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. Start asking the right question and you will get the correct answer!

2. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else.

You are a unique creation. There is and will forever be only one person like you! Therefore, although you can learn from others, it is important that you realize that you are special. Don’t waste the gift given to you by following everyone else.

3. Study the lives of achievers.

There are so many people who have woken up to the reality of their own existence and serve as a beacon of light to all who follow after. Study their lives…for it can act as a shortcut to your own awakening!

4. Learn by your mistakes.

There cannot be any failures, there are only learning experiences. Feel blessed when things don’t go right for you. You are being taught a valuable lesson.

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