Thursday, 15 October 2009

To Friends And Foes

Don't be too proud,
And never be too bossy.
Remember!! that you live in a planet that has gravity.


"It is not by material wealth alone that a nation can survive. When a nation lost its humanity, downfall becomes inevitable and no material, however great,can save it from disaster. The downfall of a nation usually comes when it is at the peak of its material power."~The Quranic Consepts Of History
  • Recognize the truth for what it really is.
Be open enough to accept that other people may be right. Examine your own beliefs in the light of prejudice that might have been installed by your own upbringing.
  • Be grateful for the experience.
Everything you have done up to now has been leading you to this moment. It’s up to you if you want to learn the lessons or to go around the cycle again!
  • Don’t get caught up in dogma.
Try to walk away from potential conflicts, allow other people to have their own interpretations and don’t get caught up in senseless argument. Imposing your point of view, even if you happen to be right, will suck you into a hopeless circle of recrimination. It’s far better and more empowering to show by example than to attempt to change the minds of others by words!

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