Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Liberating Force Code N31

The corrupt is eveready to make a return and take more money !!!
What Happen To UMNO?
UMNO has too many politicians and very few statesmen.
Your Expectation?
Wanted to see a total image change.
Any Improvement?
As I see it, the change cannot come from the current set of leaders. They walk on hollow pride, speak arrogance, do evil and listen to no one.
Your proposal?
If you all love UMNO teach the current leaders a lesson at Bagan Pinang. This is the correct place and time for a 'wake-up-call'.

"Don't let the corrupt make a return and take more money!!"


  1. i ask the bomoh yesterday.. he said BN will win the election.. hahahaha!

  2. Hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!!hip-hip-hooray,hip-hip-hooray!!!!

  3. One Malaysia!!...Wang Besar!...One Malaysia!...Wang Besar!!

    Last-last tinggal Najib sorang kesepian!!