Friday, 10 April 2009


Many things collapsed since 2008 General Election — among them, Malaysians’ indifference of several states government .As if the earth had opened at our feet; we were shaken into seeing that our future safety and well-being rest on a foundation of the Federal Government. Ironically enough that has the perverse effect of making people feel government isn’t that important when it’s functioning well.

Will this renewed respect for government — after decades of being attacked by ambitious pundits and politicians — help end what’s being called its “human capital crisis?” Hopefully the new honorable Prime Minister YAB Dao Sri Najib Razak will be able to make drastic changes on paradigm. Maybe — but maybe not, if the government doesn’t remake itself into a better employer. Here and elsewhere, concerned observers both inside and outside government are tackling red tape, arcane rules and regulations, and stifling management practices in the hopes of welcoming new talent and revitalizing government.

For many, this is the first time politics has come to seem personal and urgent, rather than cynical and meaningless. Hopefully the new set of administrator (Cabinet) could actually work together to amend and pass any bill done quickly for the benefit of the people and at the same time be ‘cautious’ on ISA.

In times of real crisis the Honorable Prime Minister and his team must pulls together. Previously our generation had only seen gridlock and scandal, lots of ideas and nothing getting done. Now at least for a start we’ve seen a small window of effort shown that government can be very effective. Yet to be proven. I believe strongly this will makes young people much more eager to be involved.

I was a teacher and I know that teaching often works best by offering encouragement, support and understanding, sometimes, if you really want to serve young people, you have to give them a good dose of challenge, of provocation, of criticism.

Why young generation are disillusioned about and disconnected from the political system

1.They do not trust the federal government to do the right thing all or most of the time.
2. They believe that politicians are motivated by selfish reasons.
3. They need more practical information about politics before they get involved.
4. They believe that volunteering in the community is easier than volunteering in politics.

Sparking their interest

~ Show students that politics is an effective way to make concrete changes.
~ Show youngsters real-life examples of the efficacy of politics.This will motivate students to further political engagement.
Make politics more transparent.
~ simplifying the process of registering and voting would be effective in motivating them to become more involved in politics and public service.
~ Use technology: enabling

Offer students more direct contact with candidates and public office holders.

~ More direct contact with political candidates, campaigns, and institutions would be an effective way to raise political participation rates.
~ Debate that focused specifically on the issues that young ones care about would be effective.
Provide incentives.

~ students are permitted to earn academic credit for public service activities would be effective in motivating students to become more involved.
~ Loan forgiveness programs and signing bonuses for graduates who commit to government service would be effective motivators.


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